Lauren Cooper

Full name:

Lauren Alesha Masheka Tanesha Felicia Jane Cooper


Series 1,2,3 and the Christmas Special





Other Names:

Fly Girl


Catherine Tate

Lauren Alesha Masheka Tanesha Felicia Jane Cooper is one of the two primary characters of The Catherine Tate Show, played by Catherine Tate, alongside Joannie Taylor.

Description Edit

Lauren is a 15-16 year-old schoolgirl with a surly attitude who has ADHD and was most widely known for her phrase "Am I bovvered?" (i.e. bothered - the "v" in the word takes the place of the "th" that should be there; see th-fronting). When feeling angry or embarrassed, she frequently replies with defensive responses such as "Am I bovvered?", "Do I look bovvered?" or "Are you disrespecting me?", among others. As demonstrated through her clothing and mannerisms, Tate portrays Lauren as a caricature of a Chav. She claimed to have been made a Dame at the end of her sketch on the Royal Variety Performance 2005.

She start a big arguement and say things like "Look at my face", "Is my face bovvered?" and "Look, face, bovvered" while pointing at her face and the argument goes on until she shouts out "I ain't bovvered!". She hangs out with her best friend Lisa Jackson and Love Interest, Ryan Perkins.

Series 1   Edit

In the first series, Lauren tends to use her phrases when ever given bad news, for example, when a train conducter tells her the train is at it's last stop or her teacher tells her he can't excuse her from a subject he doesn't teach.  

Series 2Edit

In the Second series she starts to get rude to the teachers and more Argumentative towards her best friend Lisa Jackson by her phrases for example, she asked a teacher if she's Christian by the way she dresses or asked a teacher if she's a farmer because she is from Bristol (who Lauren orginally thought she was from up North.) or asked a teacher if he's gay or said Naughty Rascal instead of Dizzee Rascal or that Ryan Perkins dumped her.

Series 3Edit

In the Third series she got a job at Billy's Burger Bar but got caught by Lisa and Ryan and proved to be Intelligent by knowing the symbols of the periodic table and speaks perfect French even though she refuse to at her French Oral Exam. Lauren's love life was a rollercoaster in this series, with love interest Ryan snogging her rival in front of her, proposing to her only to reveal he did it for a bet and married her, only to jilt her at the alter after she sings a terrible rendition of 'My heart will go on'. Lauren died after falling from a waterfall while kayaking, having ignored warnings from a local man, after asking him "Are you a yokel?" and "Is your cousin your mum? Is your dad your brother? Are you your own father?" At the end of the episode, Liese and Ryan are seen standing beside her gravestone that says:

In Loving Memory
I Still Aint Bovvered