Elaine Figgis is 34 and lives in York. She makes an appearance in each season, being a more central character in series 1 and appearing in one episode in both seasons 2 and 3 respectively. Elaine's sketch is a documentary following her search for love, primarily corresponding with people around the world via the Internet.

Series 1 follows Elaine on her journey to marriage with Jeremiah Wainwright III (or as the media have dubbed him 'The Cleaver'), a convicted serial killer and notorious cannibal who is on Death Row awaiting execution. Despite his infamy and the fact she has never met him in person, Elaine proceeds to travel to his Texan penitentiary where their ceremony lasts all of five seconds as it was difficult for the prison staff to gauge the amount of sedative for him. Later on in Series 1,Elaine lights a candle in memory of Jerry's life, to be blown out at the precise time of his execution. However, she eventually realizes that the United States are six hours behind Britain, and that she has made an effort for the wrong time.

Elaine also makes a small appearance in Series 2 - and is still looking for love via the internet. Unlucky in love again, Elaine's new boyfriend Mohammed, a spice seller from Luxor temple, ends up conning her out of £5,000 and stealing her savings.

By Series 3 it seems Elaine has become aware of her trouble finding a partner and instead decides to have a baby, and seeks help from a sperm donor. After missing her period, Elaine is excited to become a mother and spends a lot of money on items of clothing and toys for the baby, including a pram bought from eBay that has the tendency to veer left. Unfortunately, the pregnancy was false, and the period was missed due to her approaching of menopause.

During a Comic Relief sketch, Elain meets Daniel Craig, whose screen name is "BondLover69". She does not know who he is but he falls in love with her. They break up eventually.